If your picture shows up here, simply let Brian know and you'll receive a $2,000.00 commission for letting us show off your art!  (Limit: 1 picture per member per week)
If your bid stays up 48 hours, you win.
Steal everyone else's green stars from the collection page!
BW - Not Closing Down!
Brian's World is not going away.  But affective on Jan 1, 2015 we will be changing over to an "automated" format.  This means that Brian won't be making daily changes and many current items will be dropped.  However, this means that Brian will likely participate more in the message board.  We will also be starting over on cash, so it will be a fresh start again to see if you can become the richest person on BW.

Areas Expected to Remain
Message Board
Ruler of the Hill
Bulls and Bears Stock Exchange
Shawn's Casino (Bekah's Arcade)
Occasional Contests
Occasional Game of the Month
Brain Exercise

Let us know if you want to stick with us by the end of the year.  Otherwise, we will drop your name from the membership.  You can always sign up again if you change your mind.
New contest.  Person with the most cash by 10pm December 30th will receive $30,000 bonus on Jan. 1st.
(All members will be reduced to $50,000 on Jan 1st)